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Accounts Payable (AP)


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Accounts Payable

An end-to-end solution for seamless AP automation


Purchase Order Management

Invoice Management + Payments

Procurement Management

Create a payment schedule that makes sense for your community

We support your existing approval processes. Rules and requirements can be customized to fit with your community’s way of doing things. That includes batch payment schedules. Ensure your supplies are paid on time without disrupting your community’s cash flow.

Cultivate growth without hiring additional resources

Improve workflows while reducing costs. By digitizing the AP process, condos and HOAs are able to save money and time as well as improve efficiencies. Property managers can devote more attention to serving their communities, building valuable relationships, and growing their own businesses.

Change the way you handle quotes, purchase orders and invoices

With Condo Control’s Accounts Payable feature, boards and managers can work together to issue quotes, hire vendors, approve purchase orders, and pay invoices, all from one online platform. Each task takes a few clicks (or less) to complete, and workflows transform from incredibly tedious to incredibly efficient. Minimize paper records and human error.

Accessible records and data give parties greater transparency

Every purchase order, invoice and transaction with vendors can be found on Condo Control in a matter of seconds. Those with permission can view documents or conversations from any desktop, laptop or tablet that has internet connection. Since everyone is in the loop, tasks move forward and payments are issued in less time. This also helps you solidify important relationships with vendors.